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About Pikdip - Je ne sais quoi

A service created by movie lovers and developers

Pikdip is a digital platform that strives to deliver exclusive premium quality content to our viewers world wide. We do what no other platform will do for you – We help distribute and promote your content so its not lost in a sea of millions. That is why we choose to work with a few to ensure our model is scalable.

Pikdip was formed with a vision to be one of the global online points to watch premium African TV Shows, series, cartoons, movies and showcasing the works of talented African producers and movie studios.

Made right here in US, Pikdip is a brand new video streaming platform. We bring together the best of designs coupled with great state-of-art technology to give you your expected entertainment experience. For us, it’s about more than just watching your favourite movie or binging on the latest hit TV series, it’s about the phenomenal art of delivery and user- discovery with mediocrity completely wiped out. From our elegant, cinematic design to our enhanced features like movie trailers, granulars and stunning visuals, Pikdip wants you to completely enjoy as you watch it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leading provider of global digital TV entertainment services for viewers taking every talented producer or movie studio from their start-ups to their definite mastery by providing a well-define structure that is accountable for every data and metrics in media perspective.


Why Us? - The A+ Breathtaking viewers Experience

"For every content that was King, beside it stood a platform that is Queen".

Co-founder: Benjamin

We help distribute and promote your content showcasing your works in places never once thought possible. We pride in our distributing resource and capacity to generate ROI.You just create!

we pick films that meet our creative and technical standards making sure filmmakers who have invested time perfecting their craft are rewarded.

We are very picky with our selections of the contents we recieved as we protect ourselves from poor quality content.
Your content can never be lost in the sea of millions and We boost of a powerful promoting power to help drive traffic in 4 continents
We are a service designed with the mind of a producer in the perpective of a user.
Generous Standard Shares split (more info in-contract document)
Complete transparency and many more...

A New Kind of streaming platform